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A new post for a new submition

2009-09-16 01:33:12 by DragonSpy

Woo Hoo!! I have just finished my most recent song entitled Alrighty Then. This is a longer song then I have normally made. However, it is the second reggae song that I have made. I hope that it is as well received as One Night Alone. Well have fun on NG and don't forget to listen to some of my music or look at my art.

This Art Portal

2009-07-22 14:05:30 by DragonSpy

I was just carousing this art portal thing and I am very impressed with how many good artists Newgrounds has. There are some many works of art that are just mind blowing awesome. So I thought I would mess that up and I submitted one of my works. ^_^ I am sure it will be as well accepted as on of my music works.

There Is A New One!!

2009-07-05 23:33:35 by DragonSpy

I have made a new song, and it sucks more then any other song in the world. Except every song by Aqua Teen or whatever they are called. However, my desecration of the music culture is not over yet. I will come back and make another soon. ^_^

It is done!

2008-11-13 00:48:45 by DragonSpy

I have made a Techno song. I don't like it but I think I will torture you guys with it any ways. :) I also made a Rock-ish song remix. I hope you guys don't die because of my songs. XD


2008-10-06 19:14:03 by DragonSpy

I think that I will attempt to make some techno song(s). (and in the background you hear masses protesting) However, I don't think I will come out with the song(s) for a while. Like maybe a year or more.

What?!? I'm slow.

I have submitted two songs

2008-09-26 16:19:18 by DragonSpy

I am happy to say that I have submitted two songs to NG. I hope you guys like them and enjoy them. I plan on having at least one more song up soon. However, once again I don't know if anyone is going to read this. If you do or did, Thanks!

The First

2008-08-12 18:46:21 by DragonSpy

This is the first post I have done on Newgrounds. No one will probably read this, but I feel like posting it any way. I am not a flash designer, nor am I a musician. However, I do like reviewing all the interesting items on Newgrounds.